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KIMplus® Auxiliary Materials

The release agents developed by Kimpur for convenience in the production of polyurethane systems and liquid color masterbatches designed with suitable binders used to color polyurethane are collected under KIMplus Auxiliary Materials product line. Release Agents provide easy and non-deformable release of the product from

Kimpur is in the ISO 500 List again!

Kimpur continued its rise in 2020 and ranked 314 th among Turkey’s largest industrial establishments. Endless thanks to all our employees and business partners whom we walk together in this journey by multiplying our successes and getting stronger every year! We are Kimpur! We are


KIMcool® - KIMrigid® Refrigerator Systems                                                   With the increased environmental awareness and importance of energy consumption around the world, energy saving products stand out in the white appliance industry, like many more industries.  These products provide less energy consumption and long-term cost-efficiency without affecting the level

KIMflex® HR Foam Systems

Superior Living Comfort People spend most of their time working in their offices or homes, seated in chairs as well as driving in their vehicles due to the increasing commute times and traffic density. Therefore, it is crucial for any office worker and driver to

Perfect Driving Comfort

The article prepared by our R&D Flexible Team about KIMflex® Integral Systems was published in the March-April issue of Putech&Composites Magazine. In this article the features and usage areas of our integral systems and their advantages over competitors are discussed. You may reach the article