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Binders and Sealants

The binding systems can keep surfaces and materials together functionally. Unlike a coating, they contain a binder, keeping multiple sublayers together.

The sealing systems prevent liquids from penetrating through the surfaces, joints, or openings. They are also used in the building and construction industry to prevent dust, heat, and sound flow.

Kimpur has developed KIMcase binding systems with excellent adhesion, eco-friendly and recyclable properties, to be used as a binder in different industries, and KIMcase sealing systems to prevent passage of liquid on surfaces.

1- Binding Systems

Kimpur has developed a variety of single-component binding systems depending on their area of usage.

Areas of Usage:

  • – Walking paths
  • – Sports field floors
  • – Playgrounds
  • – Park and garden covering
  • – Window and door sills
  • – Rubber derivative products such as rubber roll carpet, rubber pavement curbs


  • – 100% solid (Solvent-free)
  • – VOC-Free
  • – Ensures proper viscosity and reaction speed for molding operations.
  • – Superior performance in binding rebounded foams and SBR/EPDM rubber granules.
  • – Aliphatic and Aromatic varieties for the intended performance.
  • – Utilizing in hot and cold cure processes.

2- Sealing Systems

The KIMcase sealing systems, developed by Kimpur, are used in the automotive industry, for the production of outer covers that allow the electrical cables to be fixed in the line and prevent passage of liquid.

Usage Areas

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The binding systems can keep surfaces...

Binders and Sealants

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