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Elastomers are rubbery materials that are composed of long-chain molecules or polymers and can return to their original shape after stretching.

KIMcase elastomer systems are used in different fields including two-component molding elastomers, reaction injection molding and PU gel types.

1- Two-Component Molding Elastomers

Two-component polyurethane systems that are injected with both low-pressure and high-pressure machines in closed molds.

Areas of Usage:

  • Filled mats
  • Industrial roller coatings
  • Hydraulic seals
  • Elevator chock
  • Industrial filters
  • Floating cells
  • Textile roller


  • Can be applied with filling.
  • Ensures a smooth skin appearance.
  • Acts like plastics and elastics.
  • Can be designed with different density, hardness and demolding times.
  • Vibration and shock absorption.
  • Thanks to its thermoset structure, it shows high resistance to changing ambient conditions.
  • Dimensional stability thanks to its macromolecular structure.


2- RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) System

It is a two-component polyurethane RIM system for automotive and composite industries, injected with low pressure in closed molds.

Areas of Usage:

  • Automotive outer panel/bumper parts
  • Industrial device cases
  • Reinforced composite production


  • Allows obtaining high-density and hard products.
  • High shock resistance.


3- Polyurethane Gel

Kimpur has developed a polyurethane gel system with various hardness and elongation rates.

Areas of Usage:

  • Viscoelastic (memory foam) pillow surfaces
  • Shock absorbing pads
  • Bicycle saddles
  • Wrist pads for keyboards and mouse pads


  • Acts like plastics and elastics
  • High comfort thanks to its adjustable hardness
  • High durability

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Elastomers are rubbery materials...