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Solar Panel and Boiler Systems

Today, it is very important to focus on renewable, sustainable energy sources in order to meet energy needs and to minimize the damage to the environment.

Solar energy taking its source from nature and having no end as long as it is produced, is widely used in many fields.

In order to be able to use these energy and heat sources, Kimpur has developed KIMrigid® rigid polyurethane foam systems that provide superior and continuous thermal insulation. These systems can be used in industrial and power plants to meet heating needs for solar panels, boilers or water heaters. Besides, today they are mostly used in buildings.

Using solar panels, you can heat up your water with energy gained from nature and minimize heat loss with polyurethane insulated boilers.

With KIMrigid® insulation systems, you can make a difference in your sector.


  • Thanks to their low viscosity and fluidity, our systems show very good flow properties in the product to be insulated with polyurethane foam, allowing very smooth products with minimal air gap.
  • With high functionality base polyols foam with high mechanical properties and dimensional stability is obtained.
  • Thanks to its excellent adhesion and fast curing properties on many surfaces, mold opening time is decreased and production performance is increased.
  • Suitable for use with high pressure and low-pressure machines.
  • Offers solutions in different densities.
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Solar Panel and Boiler Systems