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Viscoelastic Systems

Viscoelastic Systems foams, also known as “Memory Foam”, slowly recover and restore to their original form after being compressed with a particular force.
When a heavy object is placed on viscoelastic foam, the foam slowly takes the shape of object.

Viscoelastic foams are classified as pneumatic (Physical Viscoelastic pVE) and Chemical Viscoelastic (cVE).

In Physical Viscoelastic foams, viscoelastic effect originates from the porous structure and physical properties of the material.They are independent of ambient temperature. They have permanent texture and long rebounding times.
In Chemical Viscoelastic foams, the viscoelastic effect originates from the glass transition temperature of the material. They are dependent of ambient temperature. Its open-cell structure allows the foam to breathe and eliminate the moisture.

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