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19-21 September 2023

Hall No: 14 Stand No: F41

Milano Fiero Rho.

At Kimpur, we take great pride in our commitment to revolutionizing the footwear industry with cutting-edge sole systems, slippers, safety footwear, and sustainable solutions. Our dedication to quality, comfort, and sustainability sets us apart, and we can’t wait to introduce you to our exceptional products at our upcoming Simac Tanning Tech.

Steady and Comfortable Steps

Kimpur has dedicated itself to developing a wide range of sole systems tailored to meet diverse style preferences and usage conditions. Our primary focus is on creating soles that are not only durable and non-slip but also stylish, offering a variety of colors to choose from. We understand the importance of comfort, lightness, and ergonomic design. All KIMfoot® systems undergo rigorous testing and meticulous design, ensuring they meet criteria such as hardness, abrasion resistance, and flexing endurance.

Our customizable sole systems include:

  • Midsole
  • Compact Sole
  • Wood Imitation Sole
  • Spring-Summer-Winter Sole

Light, Comfortable and Flexible Steps

Kimpur’s dedication to innovation extends to slipper systems, where we offer a wide array of solutions to cater to various needs and processes. Through continuous research and development, we’ve introduced new products for both hard and soft slipper systems. Our polyurethane systems are renowned for their ultra-low density, flexibility, and suitability for different applications.

Explore our range of slipper solutions:

High Flex Standard Slippers and Sandals

KIMlite® Slipper Systems: Ultra-low-density slipper systems with varying hardness options.

KIMfoot® NG New Generation Systems: Low-density solutions with high flex resistance for slipper and sole applications.

Safe Steps

Safety is paramount in the workplace, and Kimpur understands the importance of safeguarding your feet. Our KIMfoot® safety shoe sole systems are designed to provide both safety and comfort, ensuring a long-lasting usage experience. Our systems adhere to EN ISO 20345: 2012 and EN 61340-5-1 standards, ensuring top-notch protection for your feet.

Steady Steps

Our polyurethane boots are versatile, designed not only for everyday wear but also for harsh working environments. They offer unparalleled flexibility, comfort, and durability. Kimpur’s double-density polyurethane-based KIMfoot® Boots Systems provide a comfortable wearing experience while complying with EN ISO 20345 standards, guaranteeing longevity and protection.

Ergonomic Steps

Choosing comfortable shoes is essential for your well-being, especially in demanding situations that require prolonged standing. Kimpur offers KIMfoot® Fussbett Systems for insole applications, enhancing shoe comfort and promoting foot health.

Sustainability at the Heart of Kimpur

At Kimpur, sustainability is a core commitment. We’re proud to highlight our sustainable portfolio, which includes:

Polyester Polyol Synthesis from PET Bottle Wastes: Our R&D Footwear Team has successfully synthesized polyester polyol from PET bottle waste. This breakthrough allows us to produce eco-friendly slipper raw materials that maintain their physical and mechanical properties compared to standard systems.

Approximately 20% of the polyester polyol used in slipper production is sourced from PET waste, and roughly 17% comes from bio-based raw materials. This innovative technology enables us to create slippers with the first elastic structure made from PET waste, making it truly unique.

At Kimpur, we’re excited to showcase our extensive range of innovative footwear solutions and our unwavering commitment to sustainability.

We can’t wait to meet you at our booth at Simac Tanning Tech and discuss how Kimpur can elevate your footwear experience. Join us in paving the way for a more comfortable, safer, and sustainable future in the footwear industry.