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Wood Imitation Systems

Wood, an indispensable part of furniture and decoration, has been replaced by polyurethane applications in many areas in recent years.

Today, decorators mostly prefer the use of polyurethane material in decoration processes. The main reason for this is that polyurethane contributes to the protection of nature by preventing the cutting of trees for the production of wood-like decoration materials. In addition, it provides superiority with its advantages such as long life, easy shaping, dyeing, lightness and ease of application.

Kimpur has developed KIMrigid® decorative solutions suitable for use in interior and exterior applications for decorative purposes for facade and furniture designs and molds of architectural design products.

Our systems make a difference in the sector with their superior advantages.

  • They are water-based environmental-friendly systems without VOC components
  • Mixing homogeneity is easily achieved with suitable viscosities.
  • They provide cost advantages with their excellent walking performance.
  • Smooth skin allows the formation of products with high surface hardness and high wear resistance. Therefore, the products obtained are suitable for surface treatments.
  • They show dimensional stability in effective performance
  • They offer different alternatives for low density and high density applications.

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