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Safe and Sustainable Structures with KIMrigid® Sandwich Panel Systems

With ever increasing energy consumption in the world, current energy sources should be used in the most effective and productive ways to meet such demand. Energy efficiency has become an indispensable part of sustainable development since it directly affects our future and the environment. Energy savings also means long term cost saving for the consumer.


In studies on energy efficiency, the share of buildings in energy consumption have been determined as very significant and sandwich panels that provide high thermal insulation have started widespread use creating critical impact on energy efficiency.


Sandwich panels used in the construction sector provide buildings with thermal insulation as well as protection against external factors and and supply a solid, firm barrier. They are composed of composite, high resistance, low density foam filling material. While the inner and outer metal sheets provide protection from external factors and prevent corrosion, the foam filling material ensures thermal insulation.


The core material used in the sandwich panel has significant importance regarding energy saving with thermal insulation. Polyurethane foam provides high insulation performance for the buildings with its low conductivity coefficient. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to achieve more living space in the buildings through allowing the manufacture of thinner panels. Due to these superior features, polyurethane has become the ideal and indispensable filling material used in sandwich panel manufacture.

Kimpur developed KIMrigid Sandwich Panel Systems for the production of polyurethane foam that ensures safe and sustainable structures with very high fire resistance and excellent thermal insulation properties.


Our systems are divided into two groups as continuous (PIR and PUR) and discontinuous sandwich panel systems. Continuous systems can be composed of 2, 4 or 5-components depending on the production line ; while discontinuous systems offer solutions with different reaction times depending on the machine flow rate and demolding time. The systems are formulated in different fire resistance levels according to requirements.


For more detailed information about our system, you may download the brochure below.

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