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Kimpur is in the R&D 250 List again!

According to the research R&D 250, “Turkish Companies  with the Highest R&D Expenses” issued by Turkishtime the companies with the highest investments in R&D in 2018 have been determined.  We share with you the proud of being on the list again.  We will continue to provide value-added

Kimpur is in the Turkishtime Brand Top 50 List!

According to the research “Brand Top 50” issued by Turkishtime the top 50 companies based on the highest number of the trademark registrations in R&D Center have been determined. Our company, which always develops new solutions for its customers with its expert and experienced R&D

Always Getting Better…

We ranked 6th in the Plastic Raw Materials Export Category in 2019 among the member companies of İstanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association. Endless thanks to all our employees and business partners who are partner in our success. We are Kimpur, we are strong

We continue our success!

We share with you the proud of sustaining our success as one of the companies in Turkey ranked in the Fortune 500 Largest Companies List. Endless thanks to all our employees and business partners who are partner in our success. We are #strongtogether!

Kimpur 5S

Güvenlik ve verimliliği artırmak, ürün kusur oranını ve diğer olası atıkları azaltmak için çalışma ortamımızı düzenli hale getirmek için 5S metodolojisini uygulamaya devam ediyoruz. Böylece, metodoloji ürün kalitemizi yükseltiyor, iş verimliliğimizi artırıyoruz. Böylece daha düşük maliyetler ve daha yüksek verimlilik elde ediyoruz.

The Measures for Covid-19 Virus in Our Company

We would like to inform you on the measures we have taken as of March, 2020 for fighting with Covid-19 Outbreak, which has a huge impact around the world. All of our employees were informed about the Covid-19 by our company physician. Our production areas

Public Disclosure!

Public Announcement It has been found that all the product group contents used in the website of Ema Kimya Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. have been taken from our website ( As can be seen in the following image and the link ( taken from