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Kimpur Europe

Kimpur Europe was established with the partnership of the polyurethane system house Kimpur, which has the largest production capacity and sales volume in Turkey, and the Adamantan SA Polyurethane System House in Latvia, one of Europe’s most important strategic points in production and logistics.

The company, which was established with the decision of Kimpur to move its production to Europe in line with its goal of providing faster product delivery to Europe, has a 75 percent Kimpur and 25 percent Adamantan partnership.

The production facility located in Hidrolats SIA Industrial Zone in Latvia has a capacity of 25 thousand tons and mainly rigid foam systems, refrigerator systems and spray foam systems are produced in the facility. The facility also aims to produce polyurethane systems used in sectors such as footwear, automotive and furniture.

With its Kimpur Europe subsidiary, which offers a significant advantage in terms of production and logistics, Kimpur has implemented its innovative and extraordinary solutions in Europe as well.