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Shoe Industry

Kimpur has been developing tailor-made polyurethane systems to provide all kinds of soles and footwear systems.

KIMfoot® Footwear Systems, has a wide range of products and is divided into a variety various groups based on their areas of usage. Based on the unique expectations of each sub-product group, those can be applied using injection or moulding machines.

Kimpur footwear systems, can be utilized in the production:


  • Spring, Summer and Winter Shoe Soles
  • Compact Soles
  • Wood Imitation Sole


  • High Flex Standard Slippers and Sandals
  • KIMlite Slipper Systems – Ultra-Low-Density Slipper Systems with Various Hardness
  • New Generation (NG) Systems – Low Density and High Flex Resistance Slipper and Sole Systems

Safety Footwear Systems

  • Single/Double Density

PU Boots

Polyurethane Unit Sole Systems

Polyurethane Slipper Systems

Polyurethane Safety Shoe Sole Systems

Polyurethane Boot Systems

Polyurethane Insole (Fussbett) Systems

Polyester Polyols

Polymeric Polyester Polyols

Release Agents

Liquid Color Masterbatches