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Polyester Polyols

High Performance Solutions

Polyester polyols are produced through the condensation reaction of dicarboxylic acids and glycols. Different combinations of monomers and molecular weight selections enable polyester polyols to impart superior mechanical properties to the polyurethane systems in which they are used.

Kimpur is specialized in polyester polyol production with extensive manufacturing capacity. For various applications such as footwear, rigid, flexible foam, and C.A.S.E., Kimpur manufactures multifunctional polyester polyols under the brand name KIMpol®, composed of combinations of carboxylic acids, polyhydric alcohols, phthalic anhydride, and other chemicals with distinct functionalities.

Kimpur can tailor-make polyester polyols according to the specific features requested by customers.

KIMpol® Polyester Polyols offer significant advantages for elevating your product.

  • Customizable to meet specific requirements.
  • Synthesized using high-purity monomers.
  • Manufactured in state-of-the-art reactors.
  • Ensures reliable product quality.
  • Offers a wide range of products for various applications.
  • Exhibits excellent mechanical properties, including superior tensile and tear strength.
  • Demonstrates high resistance to chemicals.

Kimpur; produces KIMpol Polyester Polyols for various industries, with a primary focus on sectors such as footwear, flexible and rigid foam.


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