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Sustainable Procurement

In our relentless pursuit of enhancing supply chain efficiency, we are committed to elevating product quality and optimizing costs within our procurement processes.

At Kimpur, our dedication to sustainability goes beyond our own operations. We aim to radiate positive impacts across numerous touchpoints with effectiveness. We understand that achieving sustainable growth necessitates not only internal efforts but also seamless integration with our value chain. We recognize that creating a beneficial social influence and lessening environmental challenges hinges on this inclusive strategy. Thus, we strive to collaboratively engage with our valued suppliers, integral components of our value chain. Through our procurement processes, we actively embed our suppliers within our sustainability strategies, ensuring steadfast support to complete this unified chain.

Would you like to be a part of our value chain?

In our collective pursuit of a sustainable future, we diligently assess both prospective and existing suppliers through the lens of social, environmental, and governance criteria.

Companies achieving a score exceeding 70 points are eligible for integration into our value chain. For those falling below the 50-point threshold, we advocate for enhancement in their processes, fostering an environment of continuous improvement. The majority of the companies from which we procure raw materials are global suppliers and are environmentally conscious firms with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification.

Kimpur Sustainability Webinars

Beginning this year, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting a series of sustainability webinars in the procurement section of our website. These webinars are designed to provide valuable insights and knowledge about sustainable practices. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming webinar schedule and join us in our commitment to a more sustainable future.