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KIMflex® Personal Protective Equipments Systems

Personal protective equipment is designed to protect various parts of our body against external factors and at the same time provide comfort while performing. The level of protection against high shocks varies depending on the properties of the material used.

Compared to other materials, polyurethane offers long-lasting use with its high resistance to external factors, while its viscoelastic structure absorbs impacts and prevents damage to joints, muscles and skeletal system. In addition, it offers a comfortable experience due to its lightweight and flexibility features. In addition, due to the special texture of polyurethane, the area where personal protective equipment is used can breathe, thus preventing sweating and cold. With these outstanding properties, polyurethane is frequently preferred in the production of personal protective equipment. Kimpur has developed the KIMflex® system, which offers the advantage of long life with its robust structure and comfortable use with its viscoelastic structure.

For more detailed information about KIMflex® Personal Protective Equipment Systems, you can review our brochure

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