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Polyurethane Raw Materials for Unit Soles

Steady and Comfortable Steps

Kimpur has developed various sole systems in order to meet all kinds of requirements inconsideration of various styles and usage conditions.

It is important that the sole material is of durable, non-slip, stylish and different colors as well as being comfortable, light and ergonomic. All systems in KIMfoot®  are tested and designed in accordance with the criteria such as hardness, abrasion and flexing endurance.

These systems that can be customized to the users according to the production lines and process conditions are given below:

  • Midsole
  • Compact Sole
  • Wood Imitation Sole
  • Spring-Summer-Winter Sole

The systems usually consist of three main components:

Component A: polyester and/or polyether polyol Component
A1: additives such as catalyst, silicon,
Component B: MDI-based prepolymer

Polyurethane Sports Shoe Sole Systems
Steps to Win

The comfort and lightness of sports shoes can have the power that will have an impact on your entire performance.

KIMfoot® sports shoe sole systems that increase the shoe comfort are three-component, low-density, polyester-based systems which makes a difference their advantages.

  • High flex resistance
  • Very low density
  • Shiny skin appearance
  • Short demolding time
  • High flowability

Poliüretan Taban Sistemleri

For more detailed information about our systems, you can review our brochure.

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KIMfoot® Sport Shoe Sole Systems Download
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