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Commercial and Domestic Refrigerator Polyurethane Systems

High Energy Saving with Excellent Insulation

With the increased environmental awareness and importance of energy consumption around the world, energy saving products stand out in the white appliance industry, like many more industries.  These products provide less energy consumption and long-term cost-efficiency without affecting the level of service and comfort. The demand for higher energy saving white appliances has increased considerably in the recent years.

Refrigerators, as electrical home appliances working continuously, have been proven to consume a higher rate of energy than other white goods. For this reason, the high energy-efficient refrigerators are critical for energy saving and cost-efficiency.

One of the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption in the refrigerator is to improve thermal insulation. When an insulation material with higher thermal resistance is used, the inside temperature reaches the set temperature in a shorter time and the amount of power drawn by the compressor from the circuit is reduced. Thus, a refrigerator insulated with a low thermal conductivity material maintains the set temperature more efficiently, leading to less energy consumption.

Rigid polyurethane foams maintain the inside temperature of the refrigerator, and thus reduce the consumed energy and provide high efficiency, thanks to their insulation capability due to their low thermal conductivity. Rigid foams also increase the storage volume by allowing great reduction in the wall thickness of the refrigeration equipment.

Kimpur has developed KIMcool® and KIMrigid® Refrigerator Systems that comply with environmental and energy standards, and help foods remain unspoiled for a long time and extend their shelf life, with their excellent insulation properties.

Areas of Usage:

  • Domestic refrigerators and freezers
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment


  • Energy saving with excellent thermal insulation
  • Low demolding times with fast curing properties
  • High production efficiency
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Excellent foam surface texture
  • High mechanical properties


For more detailed information about our systems, you can review our brochure.

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