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Furniture and Foam Industry

Kimpur, has developed polyurethane systems in order to increase the comfort of life in the furniture and sponge industry.

Our polyurethane systems used in the furniture and sponge industry are as follows.

Office Furniture Foam Systems

High Resilience (HR) polyurethane foam is the most suitable type of foam for the production of ergonomic products, with its versatile and open cell structure. It provides more comfort and durability than other foams, which become more rigid and tend to be compressed over time, unlike polyurethane.

Kimpur has developed KIMflex®  HR Foam Systems to boost human health and increase comfort. Our systems are developed to be used in various applications in furniture industry.

Areas of Usage:

  • Office chairs
  • Café, restaurant and bar seats
  • Theater, cinema and amphitheater seats
  • Sofas
Wood Imitation Systems

Today, decorators mostly prefer the use of polyurethane material in decoration processes. The main reason is that polyurethane contributes to the protection of nature and prevents the cutting of trees for the production of wood-like decoration materials. In addition, it provides superiority with its advantages such as long life, easy shaping, dyeing, lightness and ease of application.

Kimpur has developed KIMrigid®  decorative solutions, suitable for use in interior or exterior applications for decorative purposes for facade and furniture designs, and for the molding of architectural design products.

Viscoelastic Polyurethane Systems

Kimpur has MDI-based KIMvisco® Viscoelastic Systems, which utilize its own composite cell structure and combine pneumatic and chemical viscoelasticity properties in one group thanks to the Composite Polymer Technology.

Our systems are used in different applications, mainly in the mattress and pillow industry, and provide manufacturers with several pre- and post-application advantages.

Polyurethane Integral Foam Systems

They are foams with a flexible and open cell inner structure, a hard shell and partially stretchable, high mechanical properties. Depending on the polyol and isocyanate properties used, products with different hardnesses can be developed.

It can be widely used in many sectors, as well as armrests, headrests, etc. in the furniture sector. It is also frequently preferred in the production of products.

Accordingly, Kimpur has developed KIMflex® Integral Systems to support sustainability in transportation to ensure comfort and safe driving.

Office Furniture Foam Systems

Wood Imitation Systems

Viscoelastic Systems

Integral Foam Systems

Polyester Polyols for Flame Lamination

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