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R&D Center

As of May 2017, Kimpur has begun to operate as a R&D Center. Currently, it carries on the research activities with its 31 R&D personnel, each specialized and experienced in their own fields.

In Kimpur R&D Center, the product design covers the whole process from the synthesis of molecules to be utilized in the formulations to the development of systems and the testing of finished products in the Customer Application and Simulation Centers.

The most significant purpose of Kimpur R&D Center is to be one of the leading companies in terms of R&D.

In this context, Kimpur R&D Strategies are:

  • To improve the competencies, skills and amount of R&D personnel,
  • To work intensively in cooperation with the specialized units and universities for the development of personnel trainings,
  • To strengthen the application and simulation laboratory infrastructure and provide the highest quality products to the customers,
  • To increase the competitiveness of its customers with innovative and leading R&D activities.