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Building and Insulation Industry

Kimpur, has developed polyurethane systems with excellent performance in order to provide heat and water insulation in buildings.

Our polyurethane systems used in the building and insulation industry are as follows.

Sandwich Panel Systems

Kimpur developed KIMrigid® Sandwich Panel Systems for the production of polyurethane foam that ensures safe and sustainable structures with very high fire resistance and excellent thermal insulation properties.

Our systems are divided into two groups as continuous (PIR and PUR) and discontinuous sandwich panel systems. Continuous systems can be composed of 2, 4 or 5-components depending on the production line ; while discontinuous systems offer solutions with different reaction times depending on the machine flow rate and demolding time. The systems are formulated in different fire resistance levels according to requirements.

Pipe Insulation Systems

Kimpur has developed KIMrigid® Pipe Insulation Systems which offers solutions in various densities with high insulation properties in pipe insulation.

The striking feature of these systems is that they maintain their insulation characteristics even though they are continuously exposed to high temperatures in the geothermal pipe insulation. A wide range of products are available in various densities, and the product certificates based on the high temperature as per TS EN 253 have been received.

Spray Foam Systems

Kimpur has developed KIMspray® Spray Foam Systems which is a two-component contained insulating material for commercial, residential and industrial applications with the aim of providing a perfect insulation for a peaceful and comfortable environment. KIMspray® provides perfect insulation for the areas which are difficult to reach such as spaces and corners; and it also provides comfort and efficiency for the residents.

Polyurea Systems

Polyurethane (PU) improves the mechanical properties of the materials as well as the surface hardness in coatings and ensures the materials to be long-lasting and durable.

Kimpur has a wide portfolio of prepolymer and systems for various CASE applications, under the KIMcase® Special Products group. KIMcase® Special Products, designed for the industries of construction, maintenance and repair, are the result of an innovative technology based on special polymers developed following several applications.

Binding Systems

Kimpur has developed a variety of single-component binding systems depending on their area of usage.

  • Walking paths
  • Sports field floors
  • Playgrounds
  • Park and garden covering
  • Window and door sills
  • Rubber derivative products such as rubber roll carpet, rubber pavement curbs
Shutter and Sectional Doors Systems

Polyurethane is used as a filling material in shutters and sectional doors and provides insulation and mechanical resistance to profiles.

KIMrigid® Rigid Foam Systems developed by Kimpur are used in production of shutters and sectional doors. These are 3-30 mm polyurethane-filled profile systems that are produced as continue. There are systems in B3 and B2 flammability classes according to DIN 4102/1 standard. The systems can be produced in different features according to customer demands.

Sandwich Panel Polyurethane Systems

Pipe Insulation Polyurethane Systems

Spray Foam Polyurethane Systems

Polyurea Systems

Polyurethane Rubber Binder Systems

Shutter and Sectional Doors Polyurethane Systems


Polyester Polyols

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