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Release Agents for Automotive Industry

The release agents developed by Kimpur for convenience in the production of polyurethane systems are collected under KIMplus® Auxiliary Materials product line.

Release agents provide easy and non-deformable release of the product from the mold by forming a layer between the polyurethane and the mold.

The release agents are used in flexible polyurethane foam, integral foam and RIM applications in automotive industry.


  • Ease of application
  • Production efficiency with the advantage of weight
  • Cost benefit
  • Smooth skin appearance
  • High system performance
  • Skin alternatives with different characteristics (Dry, wet, mat, semi-mat, glossy, semi-glossy)

Otomotiv Sektörü için Kalıp Ayırıcılar

For detailed information about our release agents developed for flexible polyurethane foam, integral foam and RIM applications, you may examine the below brochure.

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1 KIMplus®  Auxiliary Materials Download

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