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Pipe Insulation Polyurethane Systems

Perfect Insulation

Rigid systems that fall into the polyurethane system category are hardened due to the closed cells in their structure and the thermal conductivity coefficient (lambda) is lower than other insulating materials like wood rock wool and polystyrene. For this reason, the rigid systems have much better heat insulation properties than other insulating materials.

Polyurethane is frequently preferred in pipe production thanks to its high resistance against condensation and corrosion as well as high insulation.

Kimpur has developed KIMrigid® pipe insulation systems which offers solutions in various densities with high insulation properties in pipe insulation.

The striking feature of these systems is that they maintain their insulation characteristics even though they are continuously exposed to high temperatures in the geothermal pipe insulation. A wide range of products are available in various densities, and the product certificates based on the high temperature as per TS EN 253 have been received.


  • Energy efficiency
  • High heat resistance
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Short demoulding time with fast curing properties
  • Good adhesion to many surfaces
  • High production efficiency
  • Can be used in high pressure and low pressure machines
  • Providing solutions with different densities


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