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Polyurethane Raw Materials for Slippers

Light, Comfortable and Flexible Steps

Offering many different solutions for all needs and processes for slipper systems, Kimpur develops through its R&D studies new products for hard and soft slipper systems. Various systems specific to needs and application areas are offered to the use of slipper manufacturers.

Kimpur has a wide range of products with ultra low density, flexible, hard and soft alternatives in polyurethane systems used for slipper soles

  • High Flex Standard Slippers and Sandals
  • KIMlite® Slipper Systems | Ultra-low-density slipper systems with different hardness
  • KIMfoot® NG  New Generation Systems | Low Density and High Flex Resistance Slipper and Sole Systems
KIMlite® Slipper Systems

Softer slipper systems with low density and high elasticity which therefore provides a higher level of comfort for its users.

  • Operations in low density
  • Short demoulding times
  • Different hardness options
  • Hard to frezee, easy to melt prepolymer

KIMlite®  Low Density Soft Indoor Slipper System
Comfortable Steps

Soft indoor slipper system with low density and high elasticity which therefore provides higher level of comfort for its users at home.

  • Operations in low density
  • High Flexibility

KIMfoot® NG New Generation Systems

KIMfoot® NG New Generation Slipper Systems, featuring much higher flexibility compared to other slipper systems, can be customized according to the demands of our customers.

    • High flexibility
    • Short demoulding time
    • Different hardness options
    • Wide tolerance range

For more detailed information about our systems, you can review our brochure.

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