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Polyester Polyols For Polyurethane Footwear Systems

High Performance Formulations

Polyester polyols are produced by the condensation reaction of dicarboxylic acids and glycols. Different monomer combinations and molecular weight selection of polyester polyols provide superior mechanical properties to the polyurethane systems in which they are used.

Polyester Polioller

Kimpur knows that you need a variety of high performance solutions to improve your products. For that reason, Kimpur produces KIMpol® Polyester Polyols which stem from combinations of multifunctional carboxylic acids & polyhydric alcohols with various molecular weights and functionalities for the best solution to footwear industry (system component).

Kimpur can fine tune polyester polyols depending on the properties requested.

  • Based on different types of acids and glycols and can be tailor made for the properties requested
  • Synthesized with high purity monomers
  • Produced at high technology reactors
  • Reliable product quality
  • Broad product range for diverse applications
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Superior tensile and tear strength
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals

Polyester Polioller

Polyester Polioller


For detailed information about polyester polyols for footwear systems, you may examine the brochure below.

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