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Sustainability at Kimpur

Kimpur has a simple and plain goal, which is to promote a sustainable living. We believe this is the best and longest term method to enhance our business.

Sustainability is a natural part of being successful for us and we always try to act ethically, transparently and responsibly. We also expect our business partners to do the same. Today, the world needs leadership in environmental sustainability.

As Kimpur, we are aware that the resources in the environment and nature are exhaustible. Therefore we focus on using our resources with rational approaches and we concentrate on ensuring that the quality of health, life and education reaches a satisfactory level for our employees, our country and the humanity of the world, and we support social development and economic growth that will bring prosperity to societies without harming the environment. At the fields we operate, we strive to create a sustainable future by continuing our works that benefit the environment and society.

Sustainability is at the core of our production!