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Environmental Management

One of our most important goals is to make a positive contribution to environmental sustainability, which is one of the three basic dimensions of sustainability. Environmental management, efficient use of natural resources and leaving a liveable clean world to future generations is a fundamental part of our business, and we strive to achieve the environmental performance our stakeholders expect from us.

The concerns of our stakeholders regarding the environmental problems are valid and they are anticipated to occur in the developing industry and the world, and we know that creating a sustainable environmental management model is a critical element in this context. Once a month an environmental review meeting is held with our environmental management team in order to strengthen our environmental management structure and carry out systematic work. With the Quality Assurance Coordinator, our environmental management representative in our environmental management team, we take into account important environmental topics and related compliance obligations, evaluate risks and opportunities, and regularly monitor our sustainability targets and achievement rates. At the Management
Review Meetings held once a year, we discuss our sustainability goals with the senior management and re-evaluate the need for resources.

While playing an active role in environmental management, we put emphasis on including all our employees in our environmental management processes. We provide routine trainings to ensure that our employees are informed about environmental topics. We continually encourage them to contribute to the company’s goals, such as waste reduction, energy efficiency and conservation of natural resources.