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High Performance Solutions

The CASE product line consists of coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. The CASE materials are used in different industries including the construction industry, transportation, textiles, architecture. They improve the performance, operation, resistance and appearance of the products and ensure excellent durability for long-term use.

In the CASE applications, polyurethane and polyurea systems are frequently used for the production of materials with superior performance properties and special uses.

Polyurethane (PU) improves the mechanical properties of the materials as well as the surface hardness in elastomers and ensures the materials to be long-lasting and durable.

Kimpur has a wide portfolio of prepolymer and systems for various CASE applications, under the KIMcase® Special Products Group. KIMcase®  Special Products, designed for the industries of construction, maintenance and repair, are the result of an innovative technology based on special polymers developed following several applications.

KIMcase® Elastomer Systems

Elastomers are rubbery materials that are composed of long-chain molecules or polymers and can return to their original shape after stretching.

KIMcase® elastomer systems are used in different fields including two-component molding elastomers, reaction injection molding and PU gel types.

Two-Component Molding Elastomers

Two-component polyurethane systems that are injected with both low-pressure and high-pressure machines in closed molds.


Areas of Usage:

  • Filled mats
  • Industrial roller coatings
  • Hydraulic seals
  • Elevator chock
  • Industrial filters
  • Floating cells
  • Textile roller


  • Can be applied with filling.
  • Ensures a smooth skin appearance.
  • Acts like plastics and elastics.
  • Can be designed with different density, hardness and demolding times.
  • Vibration and shock absorption.
  • Thanks to its thermoset structure, it shows high resistance to changing ambient conditions.
  • Dimensional stability thanks to its macromolecular structure.



For more detailed information about our systems, you can review our brochure.

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