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Viscoelastic Polyurethane Systems

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Viscoelastic Systems foams, also known as “Memory Foam”, slowly recover and restore to their original form after being compressed with a particular force. When a heavy object is placed on viscoelastic foam, the foam slowly takes the shape of object.

Viscoelastic foams are classified as pneumatic (Physical Viscoelastic pVE) and Chemical Viscoelastic (cVE). In Physical Viscoelastic foams, viscoelastic effect originates from the porous structure and physical properties of the material.They are independent of ambient temperature. They have permanent texture and long rebounding times. In Chemical Viscoelastic foams, the viscoelastic effect originates from the glass transition temperature of the material. They are dependent of ambient temperature. Its open-cell structure allows the foam to breathe and eliminate the moisture.

Pneumatic (Physical) Viscoelastic (pVE)

  • Viscoelastic effect comes from physical property – close cell structure
  • Temperature independent
  • Consistent touch feeling and long recovery time

Chemical Viscoelastic (cVE)

  • Viscoelastic effect comes from chemical property – glass transition temperature (Tg) of the foam
  • Temperature dependent
  • Open cell structure – foams are breathable & allow moisture to dissipate

Kimpur offers MDI-based new generation KIMvisco® Viscoelastic Systems developed using composite polymer technology, which provides manufacturers many advantages before and after application.

Using its own composite cell structure, especially with adjustable product features, KIMvisco® is a viscoelastic system that combines pneumatic and chemical properties from very soft to hard foam, in one body and extends the application possibilities of memory foams. This versatile viscoelastic foam is suitable for pillow, cushion, bed and many other application productions.


  • Less odor
  • Different systems with slow or fast recovery times
  • Homogeneous internal structure and smooth texture structures
  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Short demoulding times
  • Exceptional air permeability
  • Durability
  • Low emissions
  • High workability (no deformation)
  • High physical properties (even at low temperatures)
  • Wide density range
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