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Polyurethane Integral Foam Systems

Sustainable Solutions

The social and economic activities in rapid growing cities have been increased due to the increasing population of the world, thus causing the transportation demands to be risen constantly.

In recent years, in order to adapt the transportation to the principles of sustainable development, the performance, safety and driving comfort of vehicles as well as their environmental impacts, social responsibility requirements and contributions to the economic development have been taken in consideration.

Polyurethane systems aim to reduce energy usage and therefore emission, by ensuring weight loss in vehicles with their lightness feature. The PU also enhances material durability and corrosion resistance thanks to its high-performance coating. In addition, it has been preferred by the automotive industry due to its many advantages such as lightness, durability, thermal and electrical insulation, design, and ease of production.

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The versatile use of polyurethane also reduces the production costs, causing the automotive industry to be competitive in the global market. Thus, it contributes to economic development.

Accordingly, Kimpur has developed KIMflex® Integral Systems to support sustainability in transportation to ensure comfort and safe driving.

Application Areas:

  • Steering Wheel
  • Dashboard
  • Mat
  • Mudguard
  • Armrest
  • Bumper
  • Bicycle seat
  • Electrical cable cover


  • Flexibility
  • Fast curing
  • Smooth skin
  • Suitable skin thickness
  • Regular cell structure
  • Short demolding times
  • Different hardness alternatives
  • Different demolding times alternatives
  • Wide (molded) density range
Steering Wheel

Kimpur has developed KIMflex®  for steering wheel production.  Our systems ensure a long-lasting usage with abrasion resistance and provide a comfortable driving experience with its flexible structure and smooth-looking skin. In addition, they ensure production efficiency with short demolding time and lightweight advantages.

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Electrical Cable Cover

Electrical cables are a combination of one or more individually insulated electrical conductors held together by a complete cover. The outer cover of the cables is mostly made of polyurethane materials.

In regard to the automotive industry, Kimpur has developed a water-based KIMflex® FI  integral-skin foam system for the production of the outer cover of electrical cables.  These systems stand out with their antistatic and waterproof properties.

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A pleasant ride and traveling experience depends on the use of quality and comfortable products in the vehicle. Armrest is one of the products that ensure these features.

Kimpur has developed KIMflex® FI integral-skin foam systems for the production of armrest with abrasion resistance, flexible, smooth looking skin. Our systems ensure production efficiency with short demolding time and light-weight advantages.

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Mat, Console, Bumper, Seat and Mudguard

Mat, console, bumper and mudguard are some of the main accessories of the vehicles. KIMflex® FI integral-skin foam systems are also used in production of these accessories. Our system, which has high abrasion resistance, is easy to work within large molds and allows obtaining a flexible, smooth and thick skin product.

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For detailed information about the polyurethane integral foam systems, you may examine the brochure below.

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