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Cold Storage Room and Refrigerated Containers Polyurethane Systems

Rebust Ans Steady PUR Panel Solutions With Increased Fire Resistance

KIMrigid® systems offer exceptional storage solutions for an energy-saving, efficient and reliable cold chain structure.

2 component PUR systems for cold storage and composite sandwich panel production by discontinue method.

Polyol part contain non ODP environmentally friendly blowing agents. 

Application Areas:

  • Cold Storage Room Panels
  • Refrigerated Containers and Vehicles


  • High flame resistant
  • According to DIN 4102 – B2 (C s3 d0) and DIN 4102- B2(B s3 d0)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High mechanical properties
  • Sustainable

For detailed information about cold storage room and refrigerated containers polyurethane systems, you may examine the brochure below.

# Brochure Download
1 KIMrigid® Cold Room Solutions – RD 077 Download
2 KIMrigid® Cold Room Solutions – RD 078 Download
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