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Become a Part of Kimpur

As Turkey’s largest polyurethane system house with innovative and sustainable perspectives, our quality-focused approach, and our vision to become a world-renowned brand that is trusted and proud by stakeholders, we provide extraordinary solutions for various aspects of life with our polyurethane systems. Since our establishment, we have been on the path of sustainable growth.

At the core of our philosophy, where we integrate the values we bring to nature, our lives, and our work, are our valuable employees who play the most crucial role! In this journey we take together, the unique talents, diverse perspectives, and original thoughts of each employee constitute the secret of Kimpur’s extraordinary success. We push boundaries with the vision and energy our employees bring to our work, drawing inspiration from them on the road to success.

Wherever the name Kimpur is mentioned, we acknowledge the fundamental principle of human rights, comply with labor and employment laws, and adhere to our values of honesty and respect for people. We consider our commitment to stakeholders as a guarantee and strive to minimize the negative impact on our planet and contribute to our community in every activity we undertake.We make an effort to approach every decision with a sustainability perspective.

We believe that compliance with ethical rules is crucial for the sustainability of our activities. We encourage our employees to consider these rules as a guide. In this regard, the responsibility for ensuring compliance with legal regulations, social and ethical values related to company activities has been established with significant sanctions.

‘Kimpuretik’, which represents Kimpur Business Conduct Rules, sets expectations and guides our behaviors, encapsulating these values with a versatile and clear framework. Our goal in line with Kimpuretik is not only to facilitate ethical and legal decision-making processes but also to create an environment that respects these processes and extends these values beyond the boundaries of our company. As we strive to achieve this goal, we believe that embracing the transparency brought by Kimpuretik and adhering to ethical rules will lead us to success.

In order to never allow any negativity while performing our work, we prioritize human health at the core of our business. In line with our commitment to “Providing Health and Safety Conditions”for our employees, we collaborate collectively to create a working environment where all employees can feel safe. We conduct initiatives to instill our adopted occupational health awareness within our organization and support these efforts with training programs.

To actively manage occupational health and safety, we utilize the “Near Miss Notifications” and “Önercem” systems where employees can provide feedback. With these systems, we systematically collect and carefully analyze notifications from the Near Miss and I Suggest boxes in our workplaces at specified intervals. In all our processes, we manage occupational health and safety in an integrated manner with our environmental and quality management systems.

We are committed to keeping our Occupational Health and Safety management system continually active and improving. Within this framework:

  • We strive to prevent injuries and health problems arising from our activities, providing safe and healthy working conditions using technology.
  • We fulfill legal and other requirements related to our activities.
  • We carry out efforts to eliminate occupational health and safety hazards and risks.
  • We continuously improve and actively maintain the Occupational Health and Safety management system.
  • We ensure the participation of our employees in system activities.
  • We increase awareness among our stakeholders regarding Occupational Health and Safety.
  • We support social responsibility activities to enhance the community’s awareness of occupational safety.

In today’s business world, which is marked by constant and rapid evolution, we, at Kimpur, recognize the necessity to move away from traditional management models and embrace corporate agility. Striving to integrate a forward-thinking approach to leadership, we make corporate agility a focal point.

With the aim of being an organization that shapes the future, we collaborate with our team members to help them navigate the swiftly changing dynamics of the business environment and shape their careers. We facilitate their exploration of areas open to development, ensuring they receive internal and external training on various subjects they may need. This, in turn, supports their career growth.

At Kimpur, we prioritize the concept of “equality,” which is a fundamental cornerstone of our culture, by placing gender equality at the core of our Human Resources policies in the workplace. We aim to promote and raise awareness of gender equality among all employees, support women throughout their careers, increase the rate of female employment, and enhance gender equality in leadership roles, thereby increasing women’s involvement in decision-making mechanisms. We progress with the approach of achieving gender equality both within society and in professional life, ensuring equal rights for both women and men from recruitment to retirement.

It is valuable for us at Kimpur that every employee providing services within our organization has their performance evaluated fairly, and they receive the corresponding recognition. In the realm of “Compensation and Performance Management,” a crucial component of human resources management, we pay attention to fairness and motivation. We ensure that employees contributing to our company receive all the rights we have committed to, guaranteeing their benefits.

Under the guidelines established for performance management, we aim to disseminate the goals set in line with our company’s strategies at every level, managing the performance of all departments and employees within the framework of shared values. This is intended to elevate the organizational performance to the highest level.

At Kimpur, we embrace the principle of equal opportunity and diversity, recognizing that people are inherently different from each other in many ways. Starting from the belief that intra-organizational diversity is an asset, we strive to create a fair environment within the company and work towards equal opportunities and equitable practices. We provide equal opportunities in the recruitment process, interviews, performance evaluations, career planning, promotion systems, training and development programs, and the implementation of our compensation policies. While implementing this equal opportunity policy, we make efforts to establish a working environment based on the principles of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, without discriminating based on visible or invisible factors such as gender, age, religion, sect, race, marital status, philosophical beliefs, and similar reasons.