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As we leave behind the 40th anniversary of our company, we are excited to announce the rebranding of our brand, which symbolizes our global restructuring and growth.

From the past to the present, we have grown and developed with the trust and support of our customers and business partners. Throughout this time, we have worked tirelessly to establish a strong position in the global market. With the support of our customers and business partners, we have exceeded the boundaries of our brand to achieve new successes. This year, we are experiencing the pride and excitement of the global impact we have created. With this impact, we are now turning our face to the entire world.

We believe that our new logo will serve as a powerful symbol reflecting the global goals our company has achieved, and it will propel our brand to a more modern, effective, and internationally recognized position, adapting to the changing world conditions and meeting the expectations of our customers.

Our New Logo

Since the establishment of our company, the lion symbol in our logo represents the strength, leadership, stability and solid stance of our company.

The change in our logo has been adapted to a dynamic and modern design in line with our company’s global vision.

  • The side aspect of the lion symbol in our old logo is designed as the front aspect in our new logo. This change represents our company turning its face to the whole world as a result of its global influence.


  • Our new logo color represents success and privilege.






New Product Group Logos

Our 9 product group brand designs, which we have created according to the sectors we serve, have also been harmonized with our new brand identity.

Color Palette

Text Font