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Ergonomic, Lightweight and Durable Steps

Kimpur has been developing tailor-made polyurethane systems to provide all kinds of soles and footwear systems.

KIMfoot® footwear systems, has a wide range of products and is divided into a variety various groups based on their areas of usage. Based on the unique expectations of each sub-product group, those can be applied using injection or moulding machines.

Kimpur footwear systems, can be utilized in the production:


  • Spring, Summer and Winter Shoe Soles
  • Compact Soles
  • Wood Imitation Sole


  • High Flex Standard Slippers and Sandals
  • KIMlite Slipper Systems – Ultra-Low-Density Slipper Systems with Various Hardness
  • New Generation (NG) Systems – Low Density and High Flex Resistance Slipper and Sole Systems

Safety Footwear Systems

  • Single/Double Density

Discover Comfort

MDI-based KIMflex® Foam Systems by Kimpur are classified as flexible foam systems, integral systems, filter systems and viscoelastic systems.

HR Foam Systems

  • Automotive Industry (Vehicle seats, sound insulation system, head rest, headliner etc.)
  • Furnitures (Pillows, armchairs, office desk chairs)
  • Orthopedic Products (Lumbar pillows, backboards, rings, pillows for reflux, stress balls)
  • Semi-Rigid PU Foams

Integral Systems 

  • Automotive Industry (Steering wheel, bumper, armrest etc.)
  • Furnitures (Desk chair armrests)
  • Medical (Stretcher parts)
  • Batons and Toys
  • Sound and Vibration Isolation (Shock absorbers, stoppers)

Filter Systems

  • Automotive Industry (Air cleaners and oil filters, radial and panel filters etc.)

Viscoelastic Systems

  • Furnitures (Production of visco pillows, reflux pillows, visco mattresses etc.)
  • Medical (Earplugs, protective head equipment, knee pads etc.)

Excellent Performance

Designed and produced at the Kimpur System Facilities, KIMrigid® Rigid Foam Systems are utilized in several private and sectoral applications. These applications are as follows.

  • Construction and building industry (PIR and PUR panel systems, MW/EPS panel adhesive systems, solar panel systems, boiler systems, shutter systems, pipe insulation systems, spray systems)
  • Refrigerators (Refrigerators, cold room systems)
  • Furnitures (Wood imitation systems)

High Performance Solutions

Kimpur, has a wide range of portfolio of prepolymer and systems for several CASE applications under the KIMcase® Special Products.

Based on the innovative technology on unique polymers, KIMcase® Special Products are designed for construction industry, transportation, textiles and architecture.


Roofs, terraces, balconies, industrial coatings, parking lots, swimming pools, aquariums, water tanks, irrigation reservoirs etc.


Walking trails, sports field floors, playgrounds, parks and gardens, window and door sills, rubber derivative products, etc.


Power cable outer sheath and filter box used in the automotive industry


Filled mats, industrial cylinder coatings, hydraulic seals, elevator chocks, rail pads, industrial filters, floating cells, textile rollers etc.

High Performance Formulations

Kimpur is aware that you need high-performance solutions for the development of your products. KIMpol® Polyester Polyol system consisting of carboxylic acid and polyhydric alcohol combinations with various multi-functional functions to provide the best solutions to industries such as footwear (system component), paint, foam, elastomer and insulation industries (rigid foam applications).

Kimpur is able to produce polyester polyols specially designed based on the needs and requirements of its customers.

Our polyols have many usage areas.

  • Polyurethane Systems for Footwear Industry
  • Flexible and Rigid Foams
  • Elastomers and TPU
  • Polyurethane Coatings
  • Polyurethane Adhesives