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What is ECE R118.04 Test Certificate?

What is ECE R118.04 Test Certificate?

The ECE R118.04 Test Certificate is a certificate created by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) to assess the fire resistance of materials used in road vehicles. This certificate has been developed to ensure the fire safety of materials used in interior materials, insulation materials and other internal structural elements of vehicles. ECE R118.04 aims to improve the overall fire safety of vehicles by determining whether these materials meet certain standards.

Technically, ECE R118.04 tests evaluate how materials react to different fire scenarios under specific laboratory conditions. During the tests, materials are exposed to various heat and flame sources and the flammability factor is analysed. Obtaining this certificate proves that a material not only meets standard fire safety requirements, but also demonstrates high performance. Therefore, the ECE R118.04 Test Certificate offers a great safety guarantee for vehicle manufacturers and consumers.

Details of ECE R118.04 Test

The ECE R118.04 test involves a series of comprehensive and rigorous procedures to assess the fire safety performance of vehicle interior materials. The testing process involves exposing the material to different sources of heat and flame, measuring the rate at which the flame spreads over the material. These parameters are used to determine how fire resistant the material is and to what extent it meets in-vehicle safety standards.

In the flame spread test, the spread rate and distance of the flame are measured after the material has been in contact with the flame for a certain period of time.

Certification of KIMflex® FC 083 and Izokim FC 017 Products

Kimpur’s innovative products KIMflex® FC 083 and Izokim FC 017 have been awarded the ECE R118.04 Test Certificate, meeting fire safety standards. These polyurethane-based materials are used in the production of vehicle interior parts and are characterised by their high fire resistance properties.

Technically, the performance of KIMflex® FC 083 and Izokim FC 017 products in ECE R118.04 tests is the result of Kimpur’s R&D efforts. These products have been developed using advanced technology and engineering methods and are optimised to improve in-vehicle fire safety. This certification is an indication of the importance Kimpur attaches to product quality and safety standards and is an important step towards increasing customer satisfaction.

Importance and Benefits of the Certificate

The ECE R118.04 Test Certificate is a critical document that demonstrates how reliable vehicle interior materials are in terms of fire safety. Successful completion of these tests ensures that the products meet international fire safety standards. Certified products provide an extra layer of safety for vehicle manufacturers and users. ECE R118.04 certified materials maximise passenger safety in vehicle fires, while at the same time preventing the spread of fire and preventing bigger disasters.

The benefits of this certificate are not limited to safety. ECE R118.04 certification also recognises the quality and reliability of Kimpur’s products. This provides a great advantage in terms of brand reputation and customer satisfaction. The certification process reassures customers and emphasises Kimpur’s commitment to quality, as it shows that the products have undergone rigorous testing and comply with certain standards.

Application Areas of Our Certified Products

Our ECE R118.04 Test Certified products such as KIMflex® FC 083 and Izokim FC 017 have a wide range of uses thanks to their compliance with fire safety standards. These products are widely preferred especially in the production of vehicle interior parts. These polyurethane-based products, which are used in critical components such as in-vehicle upholstery, seat fillers and insulation materials, maximise passenger safety by increasing the overall fire safety of vehicles.

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