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Flex Your Benefits with KIMlife!

AVİTA Employee Support Program

With  Avita, we have access to a wide range of free consultations, from psychological support available around the clock, technological assistance, to health and legal matters, for ourselves and our families.

Open Door Meetings

All our employees hold meetings with our Human Resources department at certain periods.

Lenght of Service Awards

We reward our employees who reach the defined seniority years within the company.

Near Miss Notifications

We prioritize human health above all else with a system where our staff can inform us of a situation that violates Occupational Health and Safety issues.


We express our appreciation and gratitude to our colleagues at KIMlike. We add joy and awareness to colleagues’ days by distributing +100 KIMlike points every month.

CEO 6th Month Presentation

When our white-collar employees complete their 6th month of employment, they make a presentation to the CEO to express their impressions of the company and evaluate their feedback.

Employee Engagement Survey

We conduct an “Employee Loyalty Survey” on a regular basis to measure our employees’ commitment to the company.


By receiving employee candidate suggestions from our employees through the KIMfriend platform, we reward our employees if the recommended candidate starts working.

Lions of the Month

Out of all the blue-collar employees, we choose the most productive ones based on monthly criteria.

Önercem Suggestions

By evaluating the feedback we receive from our employees through the Öner-cem suggestion application, we ensure continuous improvements in our company culture.