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Raw Materials

Kimpur is a strong supplier preferred in many different sectors with its fast raw material supply and after-supply service approach.

The raw materials supplied by Kimpur are gathered under the KIMraw® product group and are used in many different areas such as polyurethane systems, plasticizers, adhesives, construction chemicals and paint.

Poliüretan Taban Sistemleri

The raw materials in our KIMraw® product line, consists of polyether polyols, polyester polyols, isocyanates, glycols, carboxylic acids, flame retardants and catalysts.

For more detailed information about our systems, you can review our brochure.

KIMraw® Raw Materials DOWNLOAD

Polyols for Rigid Polyurethane

  • Polyether Polyols
  • Polyester Polyols
  • Polymeric Polyester Polyols

Polyols for Foam and CASE Applications

  • Polyether Polyols
  • Graft Polyols
  • Polyester Polyols
  • Polymeric MDI (PMDI)
  • Monomeric MDI
  • Modified MDI
  • DEG
  • MEG
  • 1-4 Bütandiol
  • Gliserin
  • DPG
  • TMP
  • Pthalic Anhydride
  • Terepthalic Acid
  • Adipic Acid
  • TEDA
  • BDMA