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Polyurethane Insole (Fussbett) Systems

Ergonomic Steps

Feet are undoubtedly among the organs that tire themselves out the most during the day. An individual needs to choose comfortable shoes due to sports exercises, walks or other circumstances that require standing on feet because of demanding business life. In shoe selection, in addition to a comfortable outsole, it is of utmost importance for foot health to choose an insole (footbed) that properly fits the foot structure.

Unless feet are correctly positioned inside the shoes, one may not have a balanced and natural walking or running stride. If you use a well-fitting insole, this will help you have a softer and more balanced stride since the supports of the foot will have been better moulded into the shoe structure.

Manufacture of a comfortable insole strictly requires the selection of suitable materials. Polyurethane is the number one choice in the production of insoles in addition to outsoles thanks to its light and solid texture, high anti-skidding properties, and antibacterial features. Insoles made of polyurethane also allow the feet to breath by creating air circulation inside the shoes due to their porous spongy structure.

Kimpur has developed two-component, polyether-based KIMfoot® Fussbett Systems used in insole applications in order to increase shoe comfort.

  • Weight advantage
  • High production efficiency with short demoulding time
  • Smooth skin
  • High comfort

Poliüretan İç Taban Sistemleri

For more detailed information about our systems, you can review our brochure.

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