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Foam Pig System for Cleaning Pipelines

Most of the energy consumed in the world is obtained mainly from oil and natural gas. Therefore, the transport of energy resources correctly has become very important and ensuring an efficient, safe, and continuous operation of a pipeline system is possible with periodic cleaning of the pipeline.

The cleaning of oil and natural gas pipes is carried out with a material called ‘Pig’ (Pipeline Inspection Gauge), which is designed according to the inner section of the pipe and moves along the pipe. Pig material is expected to have high resistance to corrosion and different temperature conditions, and a flexible structure being able to adapt to the shape of the pipes. Thanks to its high strength and elasticity as well as being adjustable in different densities demanded according to the area to be applied, polyurethane has become the most preferred material in pig production.

Kimpur has developed the two-component, highly elastic KIMflex® Foam Pig System, which is used in the production of materials required for cleaning oil and pipelines.

*Our system can be used for high-pressure and low-pressure machines, small, medium and large-size molds with polyester and metal structures, and allows the production of both coated and bare products.

Arease of Use of Foam Pig:

  • Oil Pipes
  • Natural Gas Pipes

Advantages of Foam Pig:

  • High Elasticity
  • Uniform Surface Structure
  • Low Viscosity
  • Low Compression Set
  • High Hydrolysis Resistance

For more detailed information about our systems, you can review our brochure.

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