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Sustainability Policies

As Kimpur, we encourage an ethical and transparent management system in our relations with our stakeholders, while acting with the awareness of our social, environmental and economic impact to our environment.

In line with these principles which have become a part of our corporate culture, our primary responsibilities are:

  • Respecting both Human Rights and Ethical values while standing against any kind of discrimination,
  • Promoting the equality of opportunity, which is one of the foundations of social sustainability. In addition, we are aiming for our stakeholders to comply with these values,
  • Transperency, justice, responsibility in corporate administation and act according to principles of accountability,
  • To ensure the continuity and improvement of the occupational health and safety management system by firstly prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders,
  • To create a participatory working environment and to be a preferred workplace by supporting corporate development with best implementation methods,
  • To consider biodiversity and ecosystem in our environmental strategies and activities,
  • Being environmentally friendly, safe and producing high quality services.
  • Making studies to lower our carbon footprint by continously improving our environmental performance,
  • To ensure the continuity and improvement of both environmental and energy management system,
  • Providing information safety and business continuity in all our operations,
  • Following and obeying any kind of legal legislations,
  • Trying to detect institutional risk soon as possible with taking the right precaution. In addition to this, supporting sustainable development and our firms risk management culture,
  • To adopt innovation and corporate entrepreneurship as a corporate culture,
  • Allocating resources to R&D studies in the sectors we operate,
  • To support sustainable development by enabling the use and development of innovative technologies,
  • To provide a sustainable supply chain in order to provide mutual benefit with our stakeholders in our supply chain and
  • Strive continuously for sustainable development, in order with our sustainability production report for a more livable world for ourself and for future generations,