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Corporate Social Responsibility

We have made it our goal to benefit the society and touch someone’s heart. In addition to our pioneering and innovative activities in our industry, carrying out activities that contribute to society also has a positive impact on our internal motivation.

Aware of the value and preciousness of being able to touch even just one life, we take care to play an active role in education, the environment and gender equality, and we provide and show our support to non-governmental organizations.

Business World Against Domestic Violence (2023)

We are a participant in the Business World Against Domestic Violence (BADV) Project at the Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum. We take proactive measures to safeguard the safety of our employees, their families, and every member of society by acting with the understanding that violence is a problem of human rights, equality, and justice.

Be Sensitive! (DO!) (2023)

An internal communication effort called SKD Turkey (Business World and Sustainable Development Association), of which we are members, strives to conserve resources by raising awareness in the workplace. We are enhancing the sustainability-related initiatives we can put into place in our working environments with the goal of raising employee awareness.

Possible Together (2023)

We participated in the Earth Hour global movement organized by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to stop the climate crisis and encourage people to take action on the environment and protect the planet. We made a social incentive to turn off all lights between 20.30- 21.30 on Saturday, March 26, saying “Stopping the climate crisis is possible #together. Join Earth Hour 2022 and be a part of the planet’s change!”.

In 2022, we donated about 400,000 TL as part of our collaboration with Social Responsibility Organizations.

Kimpur Memorial Forest (2022)

We created the Kimpur Memorial Forest in Düzce with 10,000 saplings in cooperation with the Aegean Forest Foundation as part of our project to leave green areas for future generations, combat drought and erosion, reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to biodiversity.

Fighting Desertification and Drought (2022)

On June 17, the Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, we donated saplings on behalf of all our employees in cooperation with the Aegean Forest Foundation.

Support Market (2022)

In order to support families in need, we donated to support markets in Istanbul and Antep regions during Ramadan in cooperation with the Basic Needs Association.

TEGV Happy Day Card (2022)

In order to support the education of children in need, we donated TEGV Happy Day Cards on behalf of all our employees on February 14th in cooperation with the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV).

Holiday Donations to Darüşşafaka (2022)

In order to support the education of children in need, we contributed to the education of children in cooperation with Darüşşafaka.

Darüşşafaka Education Donations (2022)

We cooperated with Darüşşafaka in order to provide annual education support to students in need.

Support to Education (2022)

We provided supply support to Fethi Gemuhoğlu Primary School in Edirne.

With KIMfoot® Kids are Happy! (2022)

In order to support children in need of shoes, we donated shoes produced with our KIMfoot® Shoe Systems in cooperation with Tider to children in need.

Mor Çatı Fight and Solidarity Network (2022)

In order to support the struggle of women who fight against violence against women and gender inequality, we provided support to the Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation.

Value for Women’s Labor (2022)

As part of our cooperation with the KEDV Association, we bought the products manufactured by low-income women and added them to the gift boxes of our employees at the beginning of the year.

We are Here for Our Friends with Paws (2022)

In order to support stray animals and encourage the society in this regard, we cooperated with the Turkish Animal Protection Association and supported the food needs of stray animals in winter.