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Effective Risk Management

The Risk Management and Internal Control System are under the responsibility and control of the company. The Early Detection of Risk Committee operates in order to provide assurance and consultancy to the management on these topics. In our company, we have a Risk and Opportunity Management procedure within the scope of Quality Management System. The risks in this procedure are; defined as corporate risks and operational risks. While institutional risks are being defined as our corporate risks in achieving our company’s vision and goals; operational risks are defined as the detection of potential situations that may cause loss of power, time, motivation and productivity in the
internal processes of our company’s departments. Information securities, environment, OHS, energy management, social responsibility etc. are handled under operational risk management.

Global Risks and Management

Within the scope of the World Economic Forum evaluations, we closely monitor the top 10 global risks announced annually and evaluate our management mechanisms and preparations. If at the end of this review, deficiencies are detected; we fulfil the requirements for their completion. As a result of the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2022, the top 10 risks that may cause the greatest global impact are listed as the following topics and main headings:


Poliüretan İş Güvenliği Ayakkabısı Taban Sistemleri

The following details how Kimpur manages these risks:

Poliüretan İş Güvenliği Ayakkabısı Taban Sistemleri


In addition to the identified global risks, we have also developed a system for the management of unexpected emergency risks.

Click for more detailed information abour our Early Risk Detection Committee.