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Energy Management

Based on the environmental management business model of Kimpur, we strive that all of our natural resources are utilized efficiently. In this direction, we know the value of efficient use of energy within the scope of sustainability, and we position this idea as a fundamental part of our business model. We pay attention to be very careful about energy management and constantly strive to increase energy efficiency by using energy-saving equipment and technologies.

Particularly, we try to reduce energy use to the lowest level possible in our production. On this purpose, we utilize equipment such as efficient heating and cooling systems, LED lighting and high efficiency motors. In our business plan, we also include the systems necessary to monitor and analyze energy consumption. In doing so, we can monitor regularly our energy consumption, identify and reduce unnecessary energy use and achieve significant savings. While we strive to continue our production at full speed in every field we operate, our energy consumption is increasing in proportion to our production amount. We continue to plan and conduct work aimed at reducing our energy consumption while increasing our production amount.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products. One of our key goals is to develop more energy-efficient polyurethane formulations. With our innovative polyurethane formulation which contains new generation blowing agent HFO, 2mW/m.K k factor value ( at 24° C mean temp.) is obtained and %7-8 energy effiency is gained in a standart refrigerator (70 cm) unit and this resulted in 20 kg of CO2 reduction per year.

We carry out a series of efforts for a sustainable future. Within the scope of these efforts; we conduct various important projects such as solar power plant installation, evaluation of the heat coming out of natural gas chimneys, replacement of electric motors with newer and
more efficient motors, insulation works and increasing energy efficiency.

In order to raise awareness for all our employees, we regularly organize trainings on energy efficiency, carry out the necessary audits, energy measurements, and keep up with our efforts to establish a sustainable energy management system, by keeping up with the latest technologies in energy management and providing the necessary financial resources