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Supply Chain Management

We take care to act together with our suppliers, whom we care about to complete the link of our value chain. We know that companies aiming to become a global brand in the industries in which they operate can reach large masses and a widespread geography by influencing the value chain. Thus, we act with the awareness that we can raise the bar on a large scale and realize change and transformation on a large scale. We want to reflect our positive impact at as many points and at a high level as possible, beyond just ensuring sustainability in our own activities. However, we are also aware that the way to increase our social impact and reduce our environmental burdens is through our value chain and that we cannot be successful in our own sustainability without integrating with our value chain.

Managing social, environmental and economic risks and opportunities is important for sustainability. The supply chain has a large impact on the burdens on the three sustainability dimensions, as companies work with many large companies. For this reason, sustainability in the supply chain is important for companies to reduce their environmental, social and economic burdens. As in every area within our mission, we are committed to ensuring sustainability in our supply chain.

We start our value chain process with the procurement of raw materials, followed by the conversion of raw materials into finished products and distribution to customers. We divide purchases from suppliers into two main categories: raw materials and non-raw materials. We have 152 suppliers from whom we purchase raw materials and 445 suppliers from whom we make purchases other than raw materials. Although there is no significant change in the number of our suppliers, we increased the amount of our purchases from our suppliers by 15 percent compared to the previous year due to the increase in our sales volume.

In order to ensure continuity of supply in raw materials, we determine the amount and budgets of raw materials to be purchased every year
in advance and formulate strategies in this context. We make necessary long-term contracts or periodic short-term purchases according to need. Our customers, which constitute the next link in our value chain, consist of more than a thousand organizations operating in different sectors such as footwear, automotive, furniture, heating-cooling, construction-insulation. In this context, we export our products to more than 50 countries. We attach importance to the effective management of the supply chain in order not to lose our positive reputation in the eyes of our customers. It is significant for us to cooperate by positively influencing the organizations in our value chain in terms of social, environmental and governance topics.

Feedback Management Mechanism

We attach great importance to feedback from our stakeholders in order to manage our relationships with them, to ensure that they create value as capital, and to protect and increase the value created. We see the effective management of feedback as an element of protecting our social and relationship capital. We always strive to keep our communication with our stakeholders active and healthy.