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Raw Material Compliance



Current Quality System Documents in Effect:

ISO 9001

ISO 45001

ISO 10002

ISO 14001

ISO 28000

ISO 27001

ISO 50001

ISO 16949

Quality Systems

Is there a defined regulation for regular assessment, evaluation, and action within the scope of risk management?
Do you have customer complaint or customer satisfaction management system?
Do you have corrective action management in place?
Is there a compliance tracking method for legal requirements? (Environmental, Energy, Information Security, OHS, Labor laws, etc.)
Is process and production control conducted?
Is there a change management system (CMS) implemented?
Is there a designated Occupational Health and Safety manager or department?
Do you have a policy to minimize environmental impact?
Have your products and packaging been designed considering environmental factors?
Are there any policies in action to reduce waste generation and promote recycling?
Do you calculate your carbon footprint?
Are there applications to reduce carbon emissions and carbon footprint?
Is your company's sustainability performance publicly shared?
Does your company have a commitment to continuous improvement in your sustainability practices?
Does your company have policies inplace to reduce energy consumption?
Do you have a hazardous substances management procedure?
Is there a defined disposal procedure for hazardous substances?
Are there practices describing the security and confidentiality of shared sensitive data during the supply process?
Do you have practices to prevent child labor and forced labor?
Do you have a code of conduct addressing ethical behavior, bribery, and corruption?
Do you have standard definitions for fair labor practices in your operations and supply chain?
Do you have any community or social initiative support programs to give back to society?
Do you have any active customers operating in the automotive industry?
I allow all my provided responses to be used by Kimpur and accept the provisions of the KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law) and GDPR.