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Polyester Polyols for Polyurethane Rigid Foam Systems

Kimpur produces KIMpol® Polyester Polyols which stem from combinations of multifunctional carboxylic acids and polyhydric alcohols for the best solution to construction and insulation industries.

KIMpol® can fine tune polyester polyols depending on the properties requested.

KIMpol® Polyester Polyols have superior advantages to take your products to next level

  • They can be tailor made for the properties requested
  • Synthesized with high purity monomers
  • Produced at high technology reactors
  • Reliable product quality
  • Broad product range for diverse application.
  • Excellent mechanical properties such as superior tensile and tear strength
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Enhance hardness, reduce isocyanate consumption, and improve production efficiency.

Sert Köpük Sistemleri için Polyester Polioller

Sert Köpük Sistemleri için Polyester Polioller

For detailed information about polyester polyols developed for rigid polyurethane foam systems, you can review the brochure below.

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Technical Data Sheet ( TDS )
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Technical Data Sheet ( TDS )

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