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To the Future with Energy: Energy Efficient Polyurethane Systems

The increasing demand for energy as a result of industrialization and urbanization around the world necessitates more efficient and sustainable use of existing resources. In recent years, with the decrease in fossil energy resources, the need for renewable and alternative energy sources that provide energy efficiency has increased. In this context, energy efficiency has become an indispensable element of sustainable development with a direct impact on the environment and future generations.

Within the scope of the environmental management business model we have created within Kimpur; we strive for the efficient use of all our natural resources. In this direction, we recognize the value of efficient use of energy within the scope of sustainability and position this idea as a fundamental part of our business model. We produce sustainable solutions not only to ensure energy efficiency in our own operations, but also to ensure energy efficiency of our customers and even the end consumer.

Among our KIMrigid® Systems product group, we offer a number of systems that contribute to energy efficiency by offering high insulation advantages.

KIMrigid® Sandviç Panel Sistemler

Energy efficiency stands out as a critical factor in the energy consumption of buildings today. At this point, Sandwich Panel Systems emerge as an important solution for energy efficiency thanks to the high thermal insulation it provides. According to studies, since the share of buildings in energy consumption is high, sandwich panels that provide high thermal insulation play an important role in energy saving.

Sandwich panels used in the construction sector offer not only insulation, but also protection against external factors and a solid stance advantage. Sandwich panels produced with composite structure, high strength metal sheets and low density polyurethane foam filling material provide excellent thermal insulation while protecting the structures against external factors.

Polyurethane foam used in thermal insulation provides high insulation performance of the structures thanks to its low conductivity feature. In addition, thanks to its superior properties, it enables the production of thinner panels, making it possible for buildings to have more living space. KIMrigid® Sandwich Panel Systems have a polyurethane k value of 18 mW/m.K at an average temperature measurement of 24 degrees Celsius. This provides a 15% better insulation performance compared to conventional systems, especially in combination with building insulations, providing summer and winter energy savings.

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KIMspray® Polyurethane Foam Systems

KIMspray® systems, which attract attention with their flexible application possibilities, excellent mechanical durability, new generation environmentally friendly blowing agents and long-lasting performance, are specially designed to minimise environmental impacts on energy efficiency.

The state-of-the-art technology of our high-performance insulation systems is designed to provide the delicate balance between performance and environmental consciousness. KIMspray® systems have a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to conventional blowing agents. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint compared to standard systems, providing a highly effective insulation without compromising its technical and mechanical properties.

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KIMcool® and KIMrigid® Refrigerator Systems

Eco-friendly and energy-saving white goods are in great demand today, considering the increasing environmental awareness and the importance of sustainable use of energy resources. Refrigerators, as continuously operating electrical household appliances among white goods, have higher energy consumption than other products. Preferring high energy class refrigerators provides significant energy savings and cost advantages. At this point, one of the most effective ways to reduce the energy consumption of refrigerators is to improve thermal insulation.

Rigid polyurethane foams stand out as an excellent insulation material for refrigerators thanks to their low thermal conductivity. This material reduces the energy consumption of the compressor by bringing the indoor temperature to the desired value in a shorter time. In addition, thanks to this insulation material, refrigerators consume less energy, foods maintain their freshness longer and increase storage volume. In this context, KIMcool® and KIMrigid® Refrigerator Systems developed by Kimpur stand out in the white goods sector by providing environmental and cost advantages in energy efficiency.

KIMcool® and KIMrigid® Refrigerator Systems developed by Kimpur offer environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions by utilising the excellent insulation properties of rigid polyurethane foams. These systems allow you to achieve significant gains in energy efficiency while keeping food intact for a long time.

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KIMrigid® Solar Energy and Boiler Systems

Solar energy is an energy taken from nature and its source is infinite. By using polyurethane insulated boilers in solar energy panels, heat loss is minimised and significant energy efficiency can be achieved by heating water with the energy obtained from nature.

Solar Energy and Boiler systems can be used in industrial plants and power plants to meet the heating needs for solar panels, boilers (boiler) or water heaters, but today it is most commonly preferred in buildings. KIMrigid® Solar Energy and Boiler systems minimise environmental impacts and increase energy efficiency by providing solutions for sustainable energy use.

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KIMrigid® Pipe Insulation Polyurethane Systems

Due to climate change and uncontrolled consumption growth, the use of energy-saving solutions in building materials has become increasingly important for creating a safe and sustainable environment. Pipes are one of the most frequently used materials in the construction of buildings and industrial structures and insulation materials with superior performance should be used to ensure their insulation.

Polyurethane shows high resistance to condensation and corrosion to contribute to the long life of pipes. Polyurethane has become a frequently preferred pipe insulation material, as pipes must exhibit high resistance to very high and very low temperatures (from -50°C to 135°C) and have a low coefficient of thermal conductivity (λ) to provide excellent insulation. Polyurethane contributes to maintaining a warmer pipe temperature by being effective in preventing heat loss from pipes and preventing freezing or cracking in cold climates.

Kimpur has developed KIMrigid® Pipe Insulation Systems, which comply with TS EN 253 Standard, offering solutions in various densities with high insulation properties of pipe insulation.

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KIMrigid® Cold Storage Room and Refrigerated Containers Polyurethane Systems

While the demand for frozen food in the world is increasing rapidly, cold room and refrigerated case system applications have a great potential in the refrigeration sector. While the impact of energy costs used in the refrigeration sector is becoming more and more evident, the use of cold stores using polyurethane insulation materials in commercial refrigeration applications is also increasing significantly. This trend reflects a growing demand for making cold storage technologies more sustainable and energy efficient. This brings with it the need for new innovations and solutions in the field of industrial refrigeration.

Kimpur has developed KIMrigid® Cold Room and Frigo Case Systems for an energy-efficient, efficient and reliable cold chain structure.

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