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What is Polyurethane (PU)? Where is Polyurethane Used?

The first ever urethane was fabricated in 1849. In those years, Wurtz and Hoffman revealed a reaction involving isocyanate and hydroxyl compound. In 1937, Dr. Otto Bayer adapted this reaction to a commercial use. Before this period, nylon, which had been preferred to be used in

Holiday Donation to Darüşşafaka

Since 1863, Darüşşafaka , meaning “home of compassion”, is supporting children that cannot afford their living and education. Moreover, Darüşşafaka is helping children who lost their family in an early age by offering them the opportunity to study at international standards. Believing that the biggest

Kimpur ranked in the Fortune 500 List again!

Fortune 500 "Turkey's Biggest Companies" List which has been carried out together by Fortune Turkey and CRIF Turkey since 2008 has been announced. Kimpur was also on the list this year. We share with you the pride of progress by multiplying our successes and we

Always getting better…

We are very proud and thrilled to announce that Kimpur is the only Polyurethane System House among top 10 Turkish companies with the highest R&D expenses in the category of Chemicals and Chemical Products according to the research R&D 250 issued by Turkishtime.

Always getting better…

According to the research R&D 250, “Turkish Companies  with the Highest R&D Expenses” issued by Turkishtime the companies with the highest investments in R&D in 2020 have been determined. We share with you the proud of being on the list again. To carry forward our innovative, sustainable

Polyether-Based KIMfoot Fussbett Systems

Ergonomic Steps An individual needs to choose comfortable shoes due to sports exercises, walks or other circumstances that require standing on feet because of demanding business life. In shoe selection, in addition to a comfortable outsole, it is of utmost importance for foot health to

We continue our success!

We share with you the proud of sustaining our success as one of the companies in Turkey ranked in the Fortune 500 Largest Companies List. Endless thanks to all our employees and business partners who are partner in our success. We are #strongtogether!