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KIMspray Polyurethane Foam Systems

Energy saving is one of the most challenging parameters in today’s world. The importance of using new energy sources and energy-friendly materials increases each day. Besides, various precautions are taken and strategies are developed to protect the environment and climate.

Since SPFs reduces the environmental impacts of the buildings by providing high level of energy saving and has become one of the fastest-developed construction insulating materials. It can be used in each point from foundation to the roof at the buildings in addition to the usages for insulation purposes in the following areas.

The spray polyurethane foams which are called as SPF briefly are the insulating materials which are sprayed on the surface via spray application method by using high pressure special machinery equipment and transforms into foam form.

Kimpur has developed KIMspray® systems which is a two-component contained insulating material for commercial, residential and industrial applications with the aim of providing a perfect insulation for a peaceful and comfortable environment. For detailed information about our systems, you can download the brochure below.

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