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Perfect Driving Comfort with KIMflex Sound Insulation System!

Today’s technological developments have provided great convenience to lives, but with some disadvantages, of which one is noise pollution. The excessive increase of noise pollution in recent years has raised the need for sound insulation. Having gained importance in many different industries and fields, the

High-Performance Solutions

The CASE product line consists of coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. The CASE materials are used in different industries including the construction industry, transportation, textiles, architecture. They improve the performance, operation, resistance and appearance of the products and ensure excellent durability for long-term use. In

Kimpur is in the R&D 250 List again!

According to the research R&D 250, “Turkish Companies  with the Highest R&D Expenses” issued by Turkishtime the companies with the highest investments in R&D in 2019 have been determined.  We share with you the proud of being on the list again.  We will continue to provide value-added

Kimpur is in the Turkishtime Brand Top 50 List!

According to the research “Brand Top 50” issued by Turkishtime the top 50 companies based on the highest number of the trademark registrations in R&D Center have been determined. Our company, which always develops new solutions for its customers with its expert and experienced R&D

Driving Comfort with KIMflex Integral Systems

KIMpur has developed KIMflex Integral Systems to support sustainability in transportation to ensure comfort and safe driving. For detailed information about our systems you can download the brochure below. # Dosya İsmi İndir 1 KIMflex® Integral Systems İndir

Always Getting Better…

We ranked 6th in the Plastic Raw Materials Export Category in 2019 among the member companies of İstanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association. Endless thanks to all our employees and business partners who are partner in our success. We are Kimpur, we are strong