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KIMflex® HR Foam Systems

Superior Living Comfort

People spend most of their time working in their offices or homes, seated in chairs as well as driving in their vehicles due to the increasing commute times and traffic density. Therefore, it is crucial for any office worker and driver to sit in ergonomical seats for a healthy life and high productivity.

To sit ergonomically, a chair perfectly supporting the body, should be chosen. Thanks to the flexibility and resilience of the polyurethane, a chair made of polyurethane foam easily takes the shape of the body to provide support, through an ergonomic seat, backrest and headrest, protecting the spine and increasing comfort.  In addition to these benefits, polyurethane’s smooth texture provides an aesthetic appearance to the end products. These features make polyurethane commonly used in the furniture and automotive industry. Polyurethane is also used in the production of some medical products as it provides orthopedic properties to them.

High Resilience (HR) polyurethane foam is the most suitable type of foam for the production of ergonomic products, with its versatile and open cell structure. It provides more comfort and durability than other foams, which become more rigid and tend to be compressed over time, unlike polyurethane.

Kimpur has developed KIMflex HR Foam Systems to boost human health and increase comfort. Our systems are developed to be used in various applications in furniture, automotive and medical industries.

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