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Move Your Buildings into the Future with Eco-Friendly Insulation!

KIMspray® Polyurethane Foam Systems

Kimpur has developed KIMspray® systems which is a two-component contained insulating material for commercial, residential and industrial applications with the aim of providing a perfect insulation for a peaceful and comfortable environment. KIMspray® provides perfect insulation for the areas which are difficult to reach such as spaces and corners; and it also provides comfort and efficiency for the residents.

KIMspray® systems are classified into two groups as closed and open cell in terms of their structure. Besides, it presents systems in different densities which will suit to the usage area.

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  • It provides energy-saving with new generation blowing agents.
  • SPF eliminates the heat bridges and provides perfect heat insulation.
  • Allow cost efficiency by quick installation.
  • It can be swiftly and easily applied by curing very fast.
  • It can be adhered on numerous surfaces perfectly.
  • Especially open cell foam provides good sound insulation.


KIMpol® Polyester Polyols

Kimpur knows that you need a variety of high performance solutions to improve your products. For that reason, Kimpur produces KIMpol® Polyester Polyols which stem from combinations of multifunctional carboxylic acids & polyhydric alcohols with various molecular weights and functionalities for the best solution to building and insulation industries.

Kimpur can fine tune polyester polyols depending on the properties requested.

  • Based on different types of acids and glycols and can be tailor made for the properties requested
  • Synthesized with high purity monomers
  • Produced at high technology reactors
  • Reliable product quality
  • Broad product range for diverse applications

For more detailed information about our Polyester Polyols, you can review our brochure.


KIMcase® Coating Systems

Polyurethane (PU) improves the mechanical properties of the materials as well as the surface hardness in coatings and ensures the materials to be long-lasting and durable.

Kimpur has a wide portfolio of prepolymer and systems for various CASE applications, under the KIMcase® Special Products group. KIMcase® Special Products, designed for the industries of construction, maintenance and repair, are the result of an innovative technology based on special polymers developed following several applications.

For more detailed information about our Polyurea Systems, you can review our brochure.